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Best Sellers

CBD Herbal Pre-Rolls
Full spectrum CBD and herbal pre-rolls terpene rich, handcrafted and rolled with organic herbs and locally sourced CBD hemp flower from Colorado. Made with love and intention.
Tolerance Break Tincture

Taking a smoke break? Give the mind and body a break with our tolerance tincture. Made with organic herbs, mushrooms, alcohol, spring water and vegetable glycerin.


About Velvet Roots

Velvet Roots is a small batch apothecary located in Denver, CO EST 2019 creating wild botanical and CBD products for medicinal, self care and ritual purposes. Specializing in CBD and herbal smoke blends that are curated with specific intentions and everyday stressors in mind. Along with providing products and education around mindful consumption, We strive to help provided a safe space for open conversations about alleviating stress and helping improve mental health using wild botanicals and cannabis.

Within our products we seek to allow individauls access to the highest quality herbs for healing and educating. We are here to create a community with a knowledge of the depth of power that plants possess.

We invite you to discover the healing power of plants. Not just their physical medicinal properties, but deeper wisdom and gifts that they offer.

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Meet The Herbalist


Laura on Stanton Farms in Paonia, Colorado

Growing up next to the Appalachian trail in upstate New York, Laura always felt called to the forest. 

Even though her herbal studies didn't start until later in life, Laura feels it's been with her for lifetimes. 

"To be honest, I could've sworn the trees told me to do it." 

Starting as a self taught herbalist through books and plant ID'ing, Laura then expanded her knowledge by taking herbalism courses and became certified in her field while interning on a hemp farm in Colorado. 

During that time, she found her true calling through smokable herbs.

After curating a handful of herbal smoke blends with cannabis and noticing a huge difference in her own mental health, Velvet Roots was born in 2019.


Laura continues to hold space for those looking to have open conversations around mental health and mindful consumption.

You can now find Velvet Roots throughout the US. 


Looking to talk further about CBD, herbs or mindful consumption in person?

Find Laura at Ritual Within located inside

Nurture A Wellness Market Place - 2949 Federal Blvd. Denver, CO 80211

Mondays 12-5pm and Sundays 10-3pm 

Find Velvet Roots Apothecary Near You

Kayla Colyard, NY

I was having phlegm yesterday, clearing my throat constantly throughout the day and evening. I used the lung steam last night and had some Easy Breathin tea and I can absolutely notice the difference today. Thank you!
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