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Velvet Roots Test Tube DIYs and Recycling

By: Laura Murphy

So, you've collected quite a few of our test tubes and are not sure what to do with them. Don't worry, we've got you covered!

First and foremost, let's talk about drop-offs and recycling.

If you want to recycle your doob tubes back with Velvet Roots, it's not a problem! However, please make sure that all tubes are cleaned out before recycling. If you bring back 3 or more tubes, you are eligible for special offers and discounts just for recycling with us!

Do you live in Colorado? If yes, drop-offs can be scheduled

Just email us at with the subject line Recycle my tubes!

If you don't live in Colorado or can't hand-deliver the test tubes, you can send them to us by mail. Please include, your full name and email in package. Once we receive your package, we will send you a discount code for the Velvet Roots website. For more information, please email


Feeling creative?

We have 2 great DIY project for you to try with Velvet Roots tubes.

Project 1: Test Tube Propagration Station.

Are you a plant parent? Well, we have a DIY for you!

Use test tubes as a propagation station to display your baby plants.


Velvet Roots test tubes

Round wooden planks

Magnets (10mmx3mm)

To start, gather all the necessary supplies. Take your super glue and attach one magnet to the back side of your wooden plank, let dry. On the other side of the plank, attach another magnet using super glue, let dry. Next, use glass glue to attach a magnet to the test tube, and let it dry. Once the glue has cured, stick the magnets together. Pour water into the tube and place a plant cutting inside. Finally, stick the tube onto your fridge and watch the magic happen as the plant grows.

Project 2: An Intention Setting "Spell" Jar

What you'll need:


Herbs of your choice for intention ( ex: for self love use roses/ for sleep use lavender)

Candle for wax drips

Crystals of your choice for intention

Piece of Paper



Step 1 : Clean and cleanse VRA test tube

Step 2: Layer the salt, herbs, and crystals inside the jar.

Step 3: Write down an affirmation or intention

Step 4: Fold up the paper and drop it in the jar before tightly pushing cork in test tube

Step 5: Light candle and wait for it to pool some wax

Step 6: Over a plate pour wax over the top of test tube and onto cork

Step 7: Optional * Seal with prefered stamp

Step 8: Let dry, then place on alter or safe space


Have your own DIY project with the VRA test tubes?

We want to see it!

Send to


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